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October 27th, 2014
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I've had some friends crashing at my place for a few weeks and in doing so, have had to be social with other hoo-mans outside of bartending. To make matters worse, they invite over friends I haven't seen since my hermitude started. In the middle of one of these get togethers, I actually looked back from my computer and realized that my apartment looked exactly like that last panel.

Some of the reasoning behind it was that they were all playing Madden and ever since EA bought the rights to the NFL making it so that the FAR SUPERIOR 2K series couldn't make football games anymore, I've boycotted all EA Sports games despite the fact I used to work for them. (Also, I don't really give two shits about football anymore.)

Mainly though, it's because I would rather be on Reddit than around actual people. Which seems like perfect timing since I posted this for my second Cake Day. I wanted to do something much more ceremonial and in-depth for my Cake Day, but ironically, I ended up spending all that time just browsing Reddit.

In other news, some of my boys have been starting to do big things on the YouTube front. You might remember them as the guys who made "Army of Darkness vs Marvel Zombies" a few months back which Marvel pulled for copyright infringement. The video managed to reach enough people that a lot of the "nerd sites" out there gave it nothing but praise.

So their new web series, "Slash/Up" sounded like a blast from the get go. The first episode is out and John Carpenter himself was quoted as saying, "Lots of fun, tons of copyright infringement, and no originality."

If that's not a blurb for the back of an eventual DVD case, I don't know what is.

Check out the video below and if you dig it, hit up their Kickstarter for episode 2: Freddy vs Neo.