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April 6th, 2015
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I'm going to mention here and wherever I post this that this is the first comic I've ever made that wasn't based off an actual conversation I've had. This was from a conversation in the comments section of the /r/community subreddit between CennoxX, holla171, and Garrub.

I feel like my comic rips off enough things that I don't need to start stealing material as well without at least giving the people involved credit.

It's been a weird road to season six of Community and as much as I'll ALWAYS get in line for a new season (even though if they make a movie next year the prophecy will be complete), it's just not the same without Donald Glover. Last year the genius that is John Oliver and Jonathan Banks helped soften the blow of his departure and we also got a few episodes with him before he bounced to pursue his rap career as Childish Gambino and make his own shows.

Now with this season, we're still down Pierce and Troy but now not only has Yvette left, but Banks and Oliver have both left to focus on TV (and as much as I wish they could still be on Community, they are both KILLING it on their respective shows). So we're technically down five cast members this season. Keith David and Paget Brewster are settling into their roles just fine, but there's still a very noticeable absence. That said, the season premiere was fucking great.

I also finally got a written review of something up on the site, I want to review this season's Community but with each new episode, I dunno. My heart just isn't into the show the way it once was. With Daredevil and Thrones coming this weekend, I'll definitely be going all out with both of them. For now, the review is for the upcoming DC Animated Movie "Batman vs Robin" loosely based on Scott Snyder's Court of Owls storyline.

I've made my opinion of Snyder quite clear on the site before so the review is kind of long because they really dropped the ball with it. It's my first ever review that's as in -depth as it is and I feel like it would be better suited to a YouTube video. That said, I wanted to get my thoughts down after I watched it so I did. Forgive the amateur vibe it might give off.