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Being 30 has been pretty eventful so far.

I just got done building a 102" projection screen for my new HD projector, I got a kitty named Colonel Roy Mustang to give my dog Alphonse a friend, and after months of working, saving, and fixing my credit, I got my first new car ever and had enough left over to still have some money saved up.

Now that all that is over and done with, the next task was to fix the website. I completely redesigned everything a few months ago, but didn't realize when I updated EVERY FUCKING PAGE that it was coming out like 600% too big on most people's web browsers.

I had Escapist Magazine put my Rick and Morty/Venture Bros comic on their Facebook and my page blew up. My friend who was the one that informed me about it in the first place made me feel like an ass when he said, "Go figure, the most publicity your comic has ever got and everyone who goes to the site won't be able to read it."

So I re-redesigned the page to be able to fit better, it's still not fluid so it won't be resizing. It's not going to look perfect on some people's browsers, but considering how long it took me just to get this one page to look right and how long it's gonna take me to update every one of the previous pages, I don't care if it's not flawless.

Case in point, today's comic.

You know, though, it's amazing how much easier it is to make a comic when I don't spend 8 hours redrawing a finger cause I don't think it looks right. I might just stick to this style from now on, it seems to work pretty great for Maximumble.

(I'm not knocking the guy, if anything I'm jealous. That motherfucker STAYS on the front page of Reddit sometimes.)