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Fuckin' A, that's a lot of panels for one of my comics.

I dunno why but I'm proud as fuck of this one. I was pretty content with my Bernie Sanders one yesterday, but I hated the way him and HRC looked and that last panel of me flipping off CNN felt pretentious as fuck when I drew it but I left it in anyways. Most of the feedback was super positive but a few people called me out on it and I 100% agree with them.

I was gonna just remove that last panel and pretend it never happened but I need to be insulted more for me to learn to be a better comedy writer.

Take today's for example. I don't feel hesitant about a single panel and I'm more proud of the fact that I can apparently still write a comic strip without needing a pop culture reference. Once I get the YouTube animated TV rants going along with the new podcast, hopefully I'll be able to keep the comics primarily "slice of life" oriented.

I've been finally starting to actually promote the comic around the internet and there's so many of my comics that I won't post anywhere because they were too dependent on a current event/episode/movie and they just aren't as funny two years later. Meanwhile, the one of me explaining to Melissa (yes, she has a name these days now that she's actually based off a real person) why I never draw us hooking up went somewhat viral last week on /r/funny.

So I'm gonna try to keep the pop culture references to a minimum so I don't feel like I'm just pandering to the respective show's fanbase.

On a completely related pop culture note, I just started Star Wars: Rebels and it's fucking incredible. If you've read my comics you'll know I'm not a big Star Wars fan. I like it okay, but never really cared for it. I was pretty content with "The Force Awakens" even though I totally understand why some Star Wars fans were upset with it, but I still didn't LOVE it.

Same with Clone Wars. Thought it was really well made, but didn't LOVE it.


There comes a point in certain cartoon watching where I start to feel something familiar. Where certain cartoons just feel so much more "adult" than they need to be. A willingness to not treat kids like idiots and tell a visually and dramatically compelling serialized story.

It's usually around this time I find out Greg fucking Weisman had something to do with the show. Happened for Gargoyles, happened for Spectacular Spider-Man, happened for Young Justice, and now for Rebels.

I was recently watching an episode where two somewhat goofy, inept Imperial soldiers/security guards who have been in the show since the beginning get sat down to be reprimanded only to have an Inquisitor (bad guy) turn on his lightsaber and proceeded to chop both of their heads off.

Yeah, you didn't see the actual act and it was cut away at the last second, but STILL!

DisneyXD, between this show and Gravity Falls, you've become the only channel I currently watch cartoons on.

At least until Venture Bros comes back on Sunday. GO TEAM VENTURE!

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