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November 21st, 2014
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I've been wanting to do a comic about the CW show "Arrow" for what seems like forever, but other than the fact that I feel like Stephen Amell had a clause in his contract stating that he had to have at least one shirtless workout scene per episode, I couldn't figure out what to draw.

Then earlier this week Amell told AMC Movie News the above statement in regards to WB announcing that Ezra Miller was going to be playing The Flash in the DC Cinematic Universe. Now, I'm not the first person on the internet to say, "Holy shit! He's dissing corporations? He's sticking up for a fellow league member?! He's turning into the real Oliver Queen!", but I am the first one to draw a comic about it.

Amell has been utterly killing it in this show and Arrow is easily in my top three favorite shows on TV whenever it's on. The funny thing is that Flash is quickly (heh, heh) climbing the ranks as well. The show definitely has a couple of flaws, most notably the villains in each episode, but Arrow certainly didn't start with a flawless first season.

Not to mention that Grant Gustin is so ridiculously likable that he almost makes the show just himself, and his name already sounds like a superhero name!

After Nikita ended, I wasn't sure if CW would ever have anything on the network that I'd consider watching ever again. I SURE AS FUCK didn't think they'd have TWO shows that top almost 90% of the other gazillion shows I currently watch. While I do kind of hate that Amell and Gustin couldn't just reprise their roles for the DCCU, honestly, it will end up being a good thing...

...because I'm still in the camp that says all these DC movies are going to suck as badly as Man of Steel. And when it does, the DC TV universe is going to end up making WB look like chumps.

As for today's Super Awesome Video, two months ago I got my Oculus Rift and tried it out for the first time with Elite: Dangerous. Reddit seemed to like it, so here you go.