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All right, so this is the first comic I've drawn on the Surface Pro 3. I've always wanted a Cintiq, but I just never had the $1,000+ to buy even the cheapest model. Turns out as I'm looking at new Wacom Intuos tablets that I see that the Pro 3 had just come out.

On top of that, the cheap Intel i3 model is even more recent. After reading Gabe from PA's review of the model that Microsoft sent to him, I was a little weary so I went to Best Buy to check it out where the super helpful Microsoft dude not only referenced the Penny Arcade review, but even stated how they fixed the whole "palm pressing the Home button while drawing" aspect of it.

The guy clearly took one look at this fat dork with a pony tail and figured webcomics were my thing. Damn him for being right.

I'm still getting the hang of this thing so give me a few more comics before you judge, but I gotta say, this was a HELL of a lot easier to draw than on the Intous2. I might do a full fledged review on it once I get a few more weeks with it, but in the meantime the i3 is able to hold it's own with Manga Studio with the only delay in function being the pinch to zoom/rotate.

On top of that, I've set it up to be basically a "work laptop" with everything for the website set up on it. I could theoretically go somewhere other than my apartment, draw a comic, and upload it to the site straight from the Surface.

Not that I'd ever actually leave my apartment, but the fact that I COULD is pretty spiffy.

After hours of searching for different HOTASes(?) online, the Thrustmaster T-Flight was cheap enough for my entry level joystick needs. I just purchased the beta of Elite: Dangerous and there is just no way in hell I'm gonna be able to do this with a keyboard and mouse. Plus, you can see the throttle and joystick in the game so once I get the DK2, I figure it'll help with the immersion. That, and weed. Lots of weed.