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IHoly fucking shit was that an awesome showing from Marvel and DC this weekend at SDCC!

For someone who's been talking shit about DC movies ever since Dark Knight Rises, I'm not ashamed to say that Wonder Woman looks incredible and Justice League looks less like dogshit. Granted that might just be a well edited trailer trying to tap into the hype Suicide Squad's light-hearted 749 trailers seem to generate.

Still, I enjoyed what I saw.

However, Doctor Strange was the thing that blew me away. I know a lot of die hard DC fans and people just generally "over" the superhero movie, but I don't know how people can't be flipping their shit over Strange.

We get mystic powers, the Operative from Serenity, Sherlock, and Hannibal all in the same acid trip movie?!

Speaking of mystic powers, Iron Fist finally gets a trailer after a rocky production. Loras Tyrell looks like he's gonna knock it out of the park the same way Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage's roles have been so perfectly cast.

It just sucks that at a time when Marvel Studios is absolutely KILLING it on ALL fronts, Marvel COMICS seems to have hit a gigantic wall creatively. Old Man Logan is interesting, ditto for All-New Wolverine. Black Panther's been pretty good and I'm enjoying have Miles Morales in the 616 Universe...or whatever this new one is called.

That said, other than The Vision, there's no real Marvel comic I look forward to every month. Whereas DC Rebirth continues to blow me away with how much of a 180 my opinion of it has changed. I went from hating every comic in the New 52 other than Batman, to loving almost every issue of Rebirth with the exception of Batman.

While we're on the topic of Batman, I saw the Killing Joke.

I really don't get the hate some people have been giving it. The first 28 minute prologue is a new addition to the story the comic tells, but if they didn't the movie would have been half an hour long. I don't understand the whining about Batgirl and Batman fucking (it's all over comic book news, not a spoiler) since I specifically remember Old Bruce looking at pictures of past loves in Batman Beyond and Barbara Gordon seemed to be an imporant one to him.

The animation isn't spectacular and defnitely feels like it's missing some money here and there, but nothing that ruins the movie for me. As for the other controversies the movie is getting, I'll deal with that later on in the week.

For now, though, just know that Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy bring the ruckus and the movie is worth the price of admission just to hear the two of them talk to each other one last time.