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...and I was.

For anyone who is considering making the same journey I just did, I have to tell you, Steven Universe is gonna seem REEEALLLLLL dumb for a good portion of episodes. It's for a reason. The character development and somewhat naive nature of the show will definitely come back around in the back nine.

I wasn't sure how I was gonna feel about Steven Universe, but after Gravity Falls, I trust anything anyone on that subreddit says forever. Gravity Falls is quickly becoming what might possibly be my favorite show on television. Even moreso than Rick and Morty, which are SERIOUS words coming from me.

For those of you who were unaware of the connection between the two shows, Google "Gravity Falls Rick Morty" and you'll see how I started this journey of mine. Basically, a character from Gravity Falls on Disney XD opens up a portal and some of his shit flies into it. Meanwhile, on an episode of Rick and Morty from last season, a portal opens up and the shit from Gravity Falls flies through.

It happens for half a second, no one on the show mentions or even acknowledges it, and if you blink you miss it. I remember everyone on /r/RickandMorty trying to figure out what the fuck it was. The general thought was that it was just a weird mistake on the part of the animators.

What fools were we.

So I figured, "How the hell can a show on Disney XD be in ANY way connected to one of the most fucked up and twisted shows I've ever seen?"

Well, turns out Gravity Falls may be just as fucked up, but it's a show for kids. There's a scene where one of the main characters gets stuck in a rec room with mounted animal heads everywhere. All the heads start BLEEDING from their eyes and mouth and chanting "ANCIENT SINS! ANCIENT SINS!"

More importantly though, it brings such a pure, unadulterated smile to my face every time that theme song starts up. Mabel instantly joins Bender and Gir as one of my favorite animated characters of all time, and Kristen Schaal absolutely DESTROYS the role.

I know the strip kinda starts out about Steven Universe, and it really is a wonderful show, but if you read any of this I can't implore you enough to give Gravity Falls a shot. The show may or may not be wrapping up it's story real soon and the more people who get to experience the insanity that's unfolding right now, the better.

Lastly, I made a little time lapse video of drawing Hughes. First time making one of these, kinda spiffy. Check it out below if ya feels like it.