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January 21st, 2015
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Sure enough, Venture Bros. was amazing.

There's not a whole lot of shows that I'll have the kind of zen-like patience for the new season that I have for Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick's masterpiece. The only ones that come to mind are Hannibal, Sherlock, and now Rick and Morty. I really wish I could throw Community in there, but despite still being fucking amazing, it just hasn't been the same since Donald Glover left.

Flash was kinda weak last night with the exception of that PHENOMENAL SFX slow-mo shot of him catching the rocket and throwing it back at the beginning. I don't think I've ever instantly had to rewind and rewatch a scene from ANYTHING CW has ever put out except that ONE bad ass flying scene from Smallville's season five (I think). Seeing the Prison Break brothers reunited was pretty funny though, even if Dominic was SUUUPER over the top with every line he uttered.

I also love how I spent the entire final fight scene between Barry and them screaming at the TV, "WHY THE FUCK AREN'T THERE POLICE SNIPERS TAKING THESE FUCKERS OUT?!", then I go online and see that almost every other commenter had the same thought.

Okay, enough TV talk.

Between the amount (and type) of porn I view on my iPad and the fact that I take it with me whenever I use the bathroom, I'm always somewhat hesitant to let someone else touch it. Really, I'm doing them a favor by being a dick about it. I only recently became aware of Chrome's "incognito mode", which, I can't think of any other reason to implement such a feature OTHER than porn.

Still. Good looks, Google.

As for today's video pick, a good friend of mine recently moved to NYC with his girlfriend and every now and then they post something that makes me insanely jealous of their adorableness. This would be one of those posts.