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February 27th, 2015























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I remember buying my little sister a Nintendo DS for Christmas many moons ago and not even playing it when she opened it and left it unattended. The medium just didn't seem to entice me the way it should have and by then my accessibility to Nintendo games was just non-existent.

When I bought Skyward Sword I didn't even play it for more than an hour before I got bored and popped Mass Effect back in.

I have not touched a Pokemon game since Yellow and despite my previous comic depicting my happiness over A Link Between Worlds, I still just couldn't bring myself to buy a DS/3DS/XL/2DS/DS+Alpha.

Then after hearing all the rave reviews of Monster Hunter 4 and how much better the 3D effects were, I started to grow curious and told myself I would give the system a shot when I went to go grab Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray. When I got to Best Buy, the DS section looked like an apocalypse hit. Nothing but scraps left and not a DS to be found.

Checking online at every single store in my area, as the comic shows, I came up empty.

After driving to the much fancier part of South Florida and entering a mall that was so opulent that I felt like I didn't have enough money in my bank account to even be roaming it's corridors, I managed to find their EB tucked away near the exit and procured my prize after days of searching.

And of course, despite reading all the articles and forum posts about it not coming with an AC adapter I still managed to forget to buy one.

Just gave me a reason to stop by a Gamestop and pick up another game along with it. I'm about 15 hours into Monster Hunter 4 and I can definitely see the appeal. I've started Majora's Mask and only gotten as far as I managed to get when I had it for N64 before getting bored and going back to fighting Skeltas and so forth.

I'll have a more concrete analysis of the system itself as I get some more use out of it, but after watching the little 3D demo that is loaded into the OS, I have to say the 3D is pretty impressive.

And that's coming from someone who owns an Oculus Rift.