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October 3rd, 2016























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Soooooo, real quick. Before I start talking about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other current geeky shit I wanted to point out that this comic KIND of marks the four year anniversary of the website, seeing as how the first comic got posted October 1, 2012. However, considering those first few comics were already made and uploaded to Newgrounds earlier that year, I don't consider that the anniversary date.

October 10th was the first day that I uploaded the first comic made specifically for the site and the site officially went live. So the fourth anniversary is next monday and I FINALLY have a buncha shit to share with you all. I'd upload it all now, but it feels more appropriate to start all the new projects I've been working on the same day the comic started.

So, that said, this is also the 99th comic which means Wednesday's comic is going to be number 100.


Only took me four fucking years to get there. Such a slacker.

Okay, so back to "nerd stuff".

Agents of SHIELD came back recently and when you watch the first episode of the entire series compared to the season four premiere, the difference in tone is insane. I feel like the Netflix shows might have helped the Disney execs let the show get a little darker.

Speaking of which, Luke Cage dropped a few days ago and I (naturally) finished it over the weekend. Plenty of criticism to go around with it, just like any show, but overall I fucking loved it.

Anyone that reads Marvel knows that there's not a whole lot of people in comics cooler than Luke Cage, so I was really pumped for this. Out of all the Netflix Defenders, Iron Fist is the only character I never really read outside of his adventures with Luke. I'm considering binge reading a bunch in preparation for what is sure to be the most "superheroey" Netflix series of all.

Daredevil has super senses, Jessica Jones is strong and can jump high, and Luke Cage is strong and invulnerable.

All of those characters can have shows that get away with not having a ton of special effects and super powers because all those powers are more easily created than the magical kung-fu action that Iron Fist is sure to have.

Oh, and I heard they just started filming the new Punisher series.

Every year I think, "This is the best time ever to be a geek." and every year it just gets better and better.


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