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Finally decided on a template for the strip and a font and changed the size of the panel to be able to draw more as well as increasing the pixels to give it a crisper look. From here on out, this will be the default so I'm considering this strip to be the first real strip of the site. As such, I decided to take a break from the "bartenders saying random pop culture jokes" aspect of the strip to simply "random pop culture joke".

When I got fired, I had already seen more TV than anyone else I know. So when I had way too much free time on my hands, I didn't have too many new series to help me occupy it. I had started watching "Young Justice" and was having a blast with it and wanted to know who the hell was the showrunner since I knew it wasn't Timm. When I saw it was Greg Weisman, I freaked out since I didn't know he had done anything since "Gargoyles".

A few Google articles later and it was brought to my attention that "Spectacular Spider-Man" was his baby as well. More importantly, it seemed to have a very serious following that I didn't expect from a show with such designs. So I said, fuck it, I'll give it a shot. I must have gone through every episode in the course of 48 hours.

The fights were some of the most gorgeously animated fights I've seen. Suddenly the simplistic designs made sense from an animator's point of view. The characters were wonderfully developed. The voices were all great. The jokes were funny. More importantly, though, it did what all the best animated series have done. It didn't treat kids like idiots.

There was a maturity to the storytelling that most cartoons aimed at kids just don't have. Which seems to be associated with all things Weisman, and it just helps me be able to enjoy a Disney XD show more as a 28 year old. I couldn't figure out why the hell it got cancelled. How did this show not get "6 seasons and a movie"?

Then I found about "Ultimate Spider-Man".

Look, I love what Brian Michael Bendis did with the comic. A few years ago when I finally started reading comics (yeah, I know, I started late), Marvel's Ultimate titles were what helped me jump in and start swimming. It's wonderful. Between Bendis's writing and Bagley's artwork, it stands out as one of the more important comics to me. This new show on Disney is garbage,

I've tried to give it a shot. I really have. I've watched every episode. It just doesn't make sense to me. The Ultimate titles are specifically meant to be darker, more violent, more realistic versions of their 616 counterparts. So why would you take a show that was based off the "fluffier" version of Spider-Man that had a grown-up feel to it and replace it with a show that's based off the "grittier" Spider-Man, but give it a "fluffy" feel?

The humor doesn't work. The 4th wall breaking takes you out of whatever action is unfolding. Making so many fellow Avengers classmates of his in high school is aggravating. In fact, the only good thing I can say this show has contributed to the fans is that Phil Coulson lives! Nothing makes sense.

Then I found out Jeph Loeb was responsible. Everything Loeb has ever done Marvel related has been terrible. Remember how great Ultimates 1 and 2 were? How fucking terrible was Ultimates 3? Don't even get me started on Ultimatum. Don't get me wrong, I like where all the Ultimate titles have gone since Ultimatum ended but that was because they had to work with what they were dealt. With that being said, Ultimatum may be the worst thing I've ever read.


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